Beginners Guide to Help Toke Like A Champ

You are residing in a state, where weed is legalized for recreational and medical use but there are some things to consider before smoking your pot.

Remember – Two strains offering two different highs

There are two main kinds of weeds – Sativa and Indica. High give differs in both.

Sativa is popular for its cerebral high and piney smell. Effect of sativa strains are felt only in your head. It helps people to make their blocked creative juices flow. Several enjoy the happy giggly high.

Indica is known for body high and deep colors. Majority of purple strains are Indica. Smoke from Indica strain offers high all across your body. It is chosen to get relief from pain or to fall asleep.

Hybrids are blend of Indica and sativa strains, so the effects are a mixture.

If you are in the store for first time then start with strain having low THC. Buying strongest recreational marijuana in Washington is good but beginners need to keep a low profile. Strong cannabis can make you get very high, which cannot be good in the start.

ABCs of cannabis

Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is responsible to give users the high. It is also a good pain reliever and stimulates appetite. Cannabidiol or CBD is used mostly for medical purpose. It helps to reduce pain, anxiety and has antioxidant properties. CBN is available in help product. You cannot get high smoking hemp. Cannabigerol or CBG helps people suffering from glaucoma and irritable bowel symptoms.

Be cautious with edibles

Beginners need to be careful, while eating edibles. Never gobble the whole edible at once or you will get stunned by its effects. If rookie cookie is big then eat half and wait for some time before finishing. For larger one, eat 1/4th after ea 45 minutes.

Inhale means no smoking

Vaporizing is popular because it is sleek, portable and cheap. People switch to vaping, so as to avoid carcinogens that gets released, when smoked.  Few vaporizers function like tiny ovens, where the weed gets heated to a point to release vapor. Some heat cartridges of hash wax, powder, or oil concentrates.

Beginners need to handle vaping process more cautiously.

Being high does not mean you are a dunce

Marijuana legalization needs you to be mindful about laws, manners, and surroundings. Never pressurize others to smoke. Request before toking in your friend’s or strangers’ home. Avoid being a person who just speaks about weeds. Know your limits or you can get very high. Never smoke with kids around. Respect people, who may not like marijuana even if it is legal.

Research a lot about –

  • CBD and THC cannabinoids
  • Difference between Indica, sativa, and hybrid strains
  • Consumption method like smoke, topical, vape, and edible
  • Understand about concentrates and its different forms including wax, rosin, cartridge, RSO, sugar, crumble, etc.

You will not be allowed to enter a marijuana dispensary, if you don’t carry an ID as evidence for legal age. In case of doubt, you can ask the budtender.

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