What Is CBD Living Water and What Is The Right Dosage For Me

We all know CBD and have heard so much about it. But what is CBD water? Have you heard of it? You will be surprised if I tell you that CBD water is nothing but normal mineral water infused with CBD. When I first heard about this, I was amazed at how simple and easy this product would make the intake of CBD

 How CBD living water benefits our body 

 CBD water is the simplest and natural way to consume CBD as well as it ensures that our body gets enough of the most basic need, the water. We all know how important water is for the functioning of our bodies. Water is the most abundant component of the human body and even our earth is 70% water. 

 Yet, not consuming enough water required for our body daily is one of the most common issues. This CBD living water is one effective way to combat the water requirement deficit in our body while also providing the host of CBD benefits like its calming and pain relief properties. 

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 How does the CBD water work and what do is the right dosage 

 This being a comparatively newer product in the market it is important to know what it is and how to use it right. When rightly called, it should be called CBD infused water. It has the goodness and health benefits of consuming hemp products without any of its side effects like getting high. 

 Because CBD water is made using nanotechnology, the particle size of the CBD is much smaller than the usual CBD particles. Owing to its smaller size it would easily penetrate the outer cell membranes of the cell. This results in more effective absorption of CBD by your cells and body. 

 After knowing the above facts, remember these points also.  

 CBD water, though is nothing but our normal mineral water, you need not replace all the water your drink every day with CBD water.

  • However, if at all you do so, you will not be overdosed or anything. Whatever amount you consume more than the average required amount of the CBD only gets wasted. 
  • There is a general rule for calculation of the dosage of living water called the 8 into 8 rules. 
  • According to 8 into 8 rules, you are advised to consumer 8 glasses of CBD water that contains about 8 ounces of CBD. 
  • This roughly amounts to 2 litters or 0.5 gallons of water. However, the dosage can be a little more or less based on our body weight and other conditions. 

 Knowing and understanding about CBD water before you can consume it is the best practice. 

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