Eyelash Serum – Does It Really Help Grow Your Lashes?

Lashes are the most important part of the makeup routine. When we don’t have enough naturally, with the help of some good mascara and false lashes we can get lush lashes instantly. The eyelash serum can boost the growth of your lashes naturally within weeks and you can get longer, darker and fuller lashes.

Not all eyelash serum can help you increase the growth of your lashes. Before buying, you need to check the ingredients whether it contains Biotin, peptides, and other fatty acids that promotes hair growth. Vitamin B in biotin helps growth of hair while stimulating the growth of additional hair follicles. If it doesn’t have these ingredients, you cannot expect the result.

If you want to boost the growth of your lashes and search for eyelash growth serum UK product, The Willow Trader can be the best choice. Their products are purely natural with vitamins and minerals that helps the lash growth. It is safe for your eyes and you can see the results in just two to three weeks when applied as directed.

How Lash Serum Work?

It was first discovered when it was used in the treatment for glaucoma. Prostaglandin was the drug used in glaucoma and it was seen that patients were getting longer, thicker lashes as side effect when glaucoma medication eye drops were used. Hence the lash serum was discovered.

The active component in the serum, not only helps grow existing eyelashes, but also boosts the growth in hair follicles that are not in growing phase. Moreover, it also extends the time until it falls out naturally by modifying the hair’s life cycle.

When you use serum, apply just on your lash line and wipe off any excess serum. Do it every single day and be patient to see the dramatic results. Check you lash growth daily. If you feel that you are losing your lashes, then it may be the third stage of your hair cycle. Continue using the serum to get the desired results.

Our hair has three stages called:

Anagen – This is the active phase where the hair will be growing constantly.

Catagen – This is the transition phase where the hair will have its fullest growth and the hair follicle will start to shrink.

Telogen – This is the resting phase. The hair will fall out naturally after this phase.

Every hair will undergo this cycle at a different point of time.

Is It Safe?

Applying serum on eyelid can cause discoloration of the eyelid skin. So, while applying take enough care to apply just on the lash line. If the serum drops on any other area of your face, there may be a hair growth there too.

Eyelash boost serum can also cause pigmentation in your iris especially if you have hazel or green eyes. For some, the condition may reverse when you stop using the serum. If you are considering using the serum, continue with caution.

Apply as directed by the manufacturer to avoid any negative effects like puffy eyes, irritation and other symptoms. If symptoms persist consult a physician. Don’t hesitate to stop using the serum if you have any other symptoms or if the hair grows in places that you don’t want them.

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