Read to Know About Compost Tea Ingredients and Their Benefits

Compost tea is generally used as a biological fertilizer, which is actually meant for your garden. All gardeners are well aware about various benefits that generally compost tea can offer.

So, let us try to understand what is the compost tea that you can obtain from Redbud Soil Co Compost tea is also known as liquid fertilizer, liquid gold and black gold.

Ingredients of compost tea

Following are few ingredients of compost tea.

     1. Earthworm castings/vermicompost

Generally, earthworm compost or vermicompost may contain a very high percentage of earthworm or worm manure, which is significantly large population present in the beneficial bacteria, protozoa and enzymes.

Usually, earthworm composts may contain little lower levels of very active fungi, yet they should possess lots of dormant fungi spores.

All these can be encouraged with the help of pre-treating the vermicompost by using sources of food for fungi and allow compost to mature within 3 to 7 days before beginning your cycle of brewing.

     2. Forest humus

Compost tea is harvested from deep forests floors, which is rich in many different types of fungi. The forest humus can be excellent biology source for use in any tea blends with fungal dominated compost.

     3. Mushroom compost

Usually, it is derived from the remnants of manufacturing of mushroom, which is also a great source of additional fungal dominant compost. However, all mushroom composts are not created in the same way.

Few commercial mushroom growers prefer to sterilize their compost before reselling. You can ask for biological testing results or get your mushroom composts tested all by yourself.

Benefits of compost tea use

Following are few important benefits of using compost tea for your gardening.

     1. Size

Compost tea can bring improvement in plant quality as well as size. Usually, compost teas can be jam-packed with various nutrients and few trace minerals that help in plant growth and also strengthen the immune system of the plant.

     2. Soil web life

It can increase life of soil food web. Larger your community building, structure of soil will be better, this will add fertilizers that are also present in the plants and is able to change make up of your soil.

     3. Organic

Compost tea is totally organic. By making compost tea of your own, will allow you to control plant and soil life within the garden. Rather than killing soil life by using chemicals, you will create thriving environment that is totally self-sustaining

     4. Suppresses weeds

Compost tea can help in suppressing disease and also pest damage. The immune system of your plant will enhance by compost tea, which, in turn, will allow the plant to avoid attacks from pests.

     5. No chemicals

It can break gardener’s reliance on various toxic chemicals. Your garden will return to more natural balance and Mother Nature will show you how it can be done.

     6. Warm inside

Now you will know that you are doing your own little bit for looking after the earth. By providing a nutrient-dense organic can be a great tasting food.

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