Few Reasons of Using Full Spectrum CBD Oil for Dogs

Researchers have found that there are plenty of benefits of CBD oil, which is not only confined to humans, but also for pet dogs and cats. CBD oil derived from hemp can help in a number of health issues, particularly:

  • Immune issues
  • Seizures and epilepsy
  • Anxiety and stress
  • Joint pain and inflammation
  • Dysbiosis and few digestive issues

CBD is quite safe for dogs as it has rarely any side effects. CBD industry is still not fully regulated and hence while prescribing CBD for dogs you must ensure the following. You may also get it from CBD Marketplace, who supplies all varieties of CBD products.

  1. Always prefer for full spectrum CBD.
  2. Ensure that CBD oil has undergone CO2 extraction.
  3. Ensure that whatever is mentioned in the label are correct.
  4. Never buy any CBD without obtaining certificate of analysis
  5. You must find out where the CBD was grown.
  6. Prefer for high quality product of CBD.

Following are few reasons why you must prefer full spectrum CBD while treating your dogs.

1. CBD obtained from hemp is not psychoactive

If CBD is derived from hemp then it will contain very little amount of THC, which is the only psychoactive compound. Hence CBD will be practically THC free.

2. Reduces anxiety

Often dogs may suffer from anxiety if they are kept away. CBD may be quite useful for them to keep relaxed and feel comfortable.

3. Can fight against cancer

Various research results show that CBD oil has anti-tumor effect. So, it has the potential to even stop cancer cells to grow and can increase death for tumor cell.

bd for dogs

4. Can manage epilepsy and seizures

About 5% dogs may suffer from this issue. Drugs can often be harmful for dogs while CBD can work very well for the dogs who is suffering from epilepsy or seizures.

5. Offers relief from pain

CBD can work wonderfully for those who are suffering from pain. This is better than conventional drug as it does not produce any side effects or addiction. For dogs too, it works well.

6. Reduces chronic inflammation

Veterinarian found CBD quite useful in reducing chronic inflammation as it can inhibit production of any inflammatory macrophages. CBD is also known as powerful antioxidant which is powerful as compared to vitamins.

7. Provides relief for IBD

Animal studies show, CBD can prevent IBD and can restore their normal gut motility. Also, CBD has antibiotic properties, which includes Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA).

8. Can protect nervous system

Particularly for old and aged dogs, CBD will be able to protect their brain from any kind of cell death caused due to free radicals and other toxins.

9. Increases appetite and also helps with nausea

If your dog does not eat well then CBD can help in improving their appetite. Also, CBD helps dog for vomiting and nausea problems.

10. Promotes cardiovascular health

CBD was also found to be quite useful for our heart health and according to veterinarian for dogs to it works very well.

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