Give yourself some pain free days from Sciatica with CBD oil capsules

CBD is increasingly being used by people around the world to treat their inflammatory conditions and also as a pain reliever. It is considered safe, well-tolerated, and effective. Inflammation around the path of sciatic nerve cause pain all along; starting from lower back and radiating through buttocks right to the toes.

The pain could feel anywhere like a dull throbbing sensation to severe burning along the nerve path. The pain is usually unilateral and can also cause fatigue or numbness during the painful episode. Simple acts like coughing or sneezing can trigger the pain. You are generally prescribed a heavy dose of painkillers on SOS basis along with exercise and lifestyle changes.

The last resort for treatment of severe sciatica pain is a steroidal injection directly along the nerve path or surgery to correct the underlying cause such as a herniated disc. The steroidal injection does not provide life long relief but the effect wean off within a few months. As CBD is used to treat multiple inflammatory conditions; it could prove very useful in people suffering from sciatica too.

The importance of buying good quality and high purity CBD capsules cannot be under estimated. CBD oil solutions could bring you a great relief as all their products are Hemp derived and extracted by keeping highest standards in practice. They have all strengths of Hemp capsules that are easy to consume and dissolve to provide faster absorption and activation of endocannabinoid system of your body.

Who can develop Sciatica?

Although anyone can develop the sciatic nerve pain, some risk factors that increase your chances of developing sciatica are:

  • Being overweight can put additional pressure on the spinal nerve causing inflammatory changes responsible for sciatica.
  • Degenerative bone changes with age can cause disc herniation resulting in sciatic nerve pain.
  • Diabetes induced nerve damage can also cause pain along the path of the sciatic nerve.
  • Sedentary lifestyle in a primary risk factor at all ages. Sitting for long at a place puts continuous pressure on the spinal column that can damage the sciatic nerve.
  • If you work involves carrying heavy loads often especially on your back; your chances of developing sciatica are more.
  • Frequent twisting of back as required in some sports and art forms can also cause damage to the sciatic nerve making you more prone to the sciatica pain.

This is why it is important to regularly do easy stretching exercises involving your back. Move more and sit less to avoid pressure on the nerve that is imposed during sedentary posture. Work on strengthening your muscles; try and achieve moderate exercise levels at least 3 times a week for avoiding sciatica flare ups.

Benefits of CBD oil to alleviate sciatica pain

Sciatica is caused by an underlying factor such as stenosis of the spinal cord or herniation of disc; therefore, CBD oil cannot cure the root cause of pain. However, it can reduce the surrounding inflammatory causes of the pain. This is how a person suffering from painful flares and thereby provides much relief and some easy going days.

The mechanism of action of CBD oil in relieving pain is as follows:

  • Your body has its own set of endocannabinoid system.
  • This system works in the communication of different signals in the body to help distinguish feeling good from feeling bad.
  • There are two types of receptors; CB1 and CB2 that constitute this system.
  • Cannabidiol from CBD oil capsules binds to these receptors; the bad signal gets converted into a good one and thus homeostasis is restored.

You can also use topical CBD balms that can be rubbed on the affected area to get immediate relief from excruciating pain.

Research is limited and we will have to rely on small studies to know the effectiveness of CBD oil in the areas of pain relief and on our own experiences. You must start with a low dose and evaluate your tolerability of the product. Gradually increase the dose to reach a desired dosage that provides maximum pain relief.

You must always consult your general practitioner before you add any product in your list of medications. Absorption of certain medicines can be slowed down by cannabinoids which could cause more harm than the benefits for which it is intended.

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