History of Smoking Hemp – All You Need to Know

Nowadays hemp is widely used in smokable form due to its mood-enhancing, heart rate increasing and improving the concentration effects, etc. however hemp has been used by people for a long time ago. There is a long history of smokable hemp hence before using, it is better to know about them. So, let’s have a look at its history.

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From some evidence, it has been assumed that hemp has been used by people since 10000 BC. However, initially, our ancestors used to grow hemp as a textile crop. Gradually, people start to know about its other uses and then start eating its seed and used its flower for various medical purposes due to its enormous medicinal potential.

Medical history of hemp

Ancient China is the first place where the medicinal use of hemp was encountered. Before these from around 6000 BC, hemp was used for textile purposes only. It was not until 2723 BC, there was evidence of the medicinal potential of hemp. Emperor Shen-Nung is the first person to acknowledge its medicinal value and use hemp oil and teas for pain relief.

It was most popular in the Middle Eastern region. People start getting aware of its benefits. Even in India, The Atharvaveda lists hemp as a sacred grass where they have used its paste and drinks medicinally and recreationally for centuries. Also, hemp was found buried with ancient Greeks.

With time hemp spread across the world. In Europe, people start to use it to treat tumors. By the sixteenth century, it became one of the most grown crops in England. Then by the seventeenth, it made it to North America. During this time Robert Burton recommended hemp to treat the mental issues of the patients.

The establishment of the difference between marijuana and smokable hemp

In 1940, after the discovery of the CBD, the researchers start developing more interest in cannabis. After a lot of researches, they noticed the different strains of the cannabis Sativa have different effects on people. Later they got to know about the different concentrations of the CBD and THC in them.

The strain with the high CBD level and low THC level provides better relief as compared to another one with high THC and low CBD concentration.

Rise of smokable hemp

In 2014 Farm Bill, became legal and allowed the cannabis breeders to grow the cannabis crop in the United States and also commercialized the cannabis strain having the THC concentration lower than 0.3%. Then finally after the 2018 farm bill, the smokable hemp starts to increase its popularity and growth rapidly among people.


You can use smoking hemp undoubtedly due to its medicinal value and fewer side effects as compared to marijuana.

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